7 Algerian films participate in the International Festival of Awareness Videos

Seven films from Algeria are participating in the second edition of the International Festival of Awareness Videos, which will take place from 12 to 14 August in Sousse, Tunisia.

Content creators from all over the world participate in this event.

The organizers revealed that 1026 participants were registered to participate in the competitions of the second session. The festival received 263 videos from 33 countries around the world.

179 awareness videos were selected for each of the competitions, “Consume a Tunisian” and for citizenship, which responded to the terms and conditions of participation.

Algeria made the event through the number of registered participants, which amounted to 35 in this session. 7 works were accepted.

Ibrahim Dandan, Khalifa Wissam, Saleh Boufaleh, Rafik Mubarak, and Mohamed Sassi Ben Auda will participate. And Mustafa bin Gharnout and bin Soula Ahmed.

4 works were accepted for each Egypt, Palestine, and India. While Morocco, Mauritania, and Libya participated in 3 acceptable actions.

The rest of the other countries participated in one movie, such as Jordan, Cameron, Germany, Mexico, Colombia, Lebanon, Britain, Ivory Coast, Syria, Pakistan, Palestine, and Iran.

On the other hand, the festival management received 263 awareness videos from 33 countries, including those who participated for the first time. As is the case for India, Cameroon, Chile, Congo, Philippines, Germany, Greece, Iran, Nigeria, Mauritius, and Yemen.

As well as America, Canada, Bangladesh, Jordan, Uganda, Pakistan, Spain, Southern Sudan, Ivory Coast, Belgium. Turkey, Italy, Lebanon, France, Benin.

In its new session, the festival will witness prominent participation in various competitions and performances.

Among the most prominent Arab posts, we mention the Palestinian content creator, beloved by millions, Ashraf Khamis Al-Sayed Ahmed, “Laser Clip”.

And the brilliant young director Nasr El-Din No., who participates in the two competitions “Consuming a Tunisian” and “Citizenship” and previously won the grand prize of the last session.