Sonelgaz: Launching the first virtual agency in Algiers before the end of 2022

Mourad Ejal, CEO of the Sonelgaz complex, said that it is within the framework of the projects related to the digitization of the complex. Sonelgaz is working on a project that aspires to open the first virtual agency, which will be based in Algiers, before the end of 2022.

Murad Ajal, CEO of Sonelgaz Group, indicated that this agency will be free of any assistance to the complex and will provide all the services proposed in the classic agencies. As a request for linkage or payment of dues. However, the customer will not deal with commercial agents but will carry out these operations using devices connected to the Sonelgaz information network. The same is true for bank agencies.

Sonelgaz also seeks – according to him – through the digitization policy it has pursued since 2009. To reach a position among the best at the international level in this field.”

Ajal also explained that Sonelgaz is an “active” member of many international associations active in the energy field. Thanks to its considerable and recognized experience in many fields, it enables it to participate technically and scientifically in the field of its qualifications and knowledge at the regional and continental levels.

The Director General indicated that the meetings he had with the governors and with members of the civil society in these states allowed him “to solve many problems related to linking the shadow areas. Agricultural investors, hundreds of thousands of housing, as well as wells by making immediate decisions. As well as getting closer to the citizen and counting his concerns. He indicated that he seeks to complete his field visits to all states before the end of this year.