The Arab Youth Cup .. The coach of the Egyptian team admits the difficulty of facing the Greens

The coach of the Egyptian youth team, Mahmoud Gaber, revealed the difficulty of his team’s mission, in the face of the national team, in the semi-finals of the Arab Youth Championship.

Yesterday, Tuesday, the Egyptian voter, Al-Jaber, said during the press conference, which precedes the meeting: “Time did not help us to prepare sufficiently, our journey is good and the level is developing from one match to another.”

The spokesman added: “We will go on our way to reaching the final. The competition with the Algerian national team is honest, and it is a fraternal meeting.”

In the end, Mahmoud Al-Jaber said, “We will work to win without making any concessions. We respect the opposition, and together we will put on a game that lives up to the football traditions of Egypt and Algeria.