The process of recruiting 25,000 English language teachers in Algeria has begun

The Ministry of National Education sent a letter to the education directorates distributed across the national territory, ordering them to start receiving the files of professors contracting to hire English language teachers.

According to informed sources, the number of concerned positions is estimated at 25,000 financial positions, which are contractually employed on conditions. The most important of these is obtaining a “Bachelor’s” certificate in the English language or a “Bachelor’s” certificate in translation from and into the English language.

The files are deposited at the level of education directorates starting today and for a period of 20 days. The files are then carefully studied and accepted professors are summoned to start work starting from the 2022/2023 academic year.

Priority is given to those who obtained a “Bachelor’s” in the English language, and then to those who obtained a “Bachelor’s” in translation from and to the English language, by calculating the experience of the relevant professors who have previously taught.

As for the level at which the teaching takes place, our interviewer said that the level has not yet been disclosed. But it is most likely in the third or fourth year of primary education.

Preserve the French language as a living language and allocate a program between 2 and 4 hours for each subject.

English is currently considered a second living language after French, which remains in the curriculum according to an hourly volume that will be modified and divided between the two living languages.

On the other hand, the speaker stressed that after three years, the total program of the English language in the intermediate and secondary stages would be changed, as it will become more expanded and contribute to the popularization of this living language and its transformation into the living language No. 1 after French had been dominant for years.

As for the hourly size, the speaker revealed that it ranges between two and four hours, focusing on the program suitable for the student in the primary education stage.