The song “Mashafuhash” with a Saudi version makes the event

The pioneers of social networking platforms shared a video of the Algerian singer Moh Milano’s song “Mashafuhash” in a Saudi version.

And the video circulating on the communication sites showed a young man wearing a shirt and putting a shemagh on his head, performing the song “Mashafuhash” in classical Arabic.

According to the pioneers of social networking platforms, the song performed in the video is the Saudi version of the song Raed Al-Taba Al-Zanqawi Moh Milad.

The song received great popularity and admiration, especially since the young man who performed it chose the words in harmony with the good performance in classical Arabic. While others agreed that the Algerian version is much better and better.

In June 2021, Moh Milano released his album “Mashafuhash”, where he broke records by achieving more than 230 million views on YouTube in a short period of time.

In fact, the performer of the song turned out to be an Algerian YouTuber from the Wilayat of Bashar, his name was Mohamed Ayman Alwan. His YouTube channel is called Aymen Pixxa.

Suhaila Ben Lachhab, Moh Milano, and Soolking compete for the Best Singer award in North Africa

An Algerian trio is competing for the prizes of the 2021 Africa MMA competition in the field of art. And this is related to “Soolking” and “Moh Milano”, in addition to “Suhaila Ben Lachhab”.

The artist, Moh Milano, known for his zanqawi character, as well as the international rapper Soolking, were nominated by the competition committee for the award for the best male singer in the North African category. Also competing for the same award are Moroccan Saad Lamjarred and Tunisian Balti, as well as Egyptians Mohamed Hamaki and Akram Hosni El Din.

While the Algerian Suhaila Ben Lachhab, accompanied by Ruby and Sadi from Egypt, and Marwa Loud from Morocco, as well as Tunisian Latifa, were chosen to compete for the award for the best singer in the men’s category in North Africa.

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Algerian singer Suhaila Ben Lachhab has been selected among the list of female artists nominated for the Africa MMA Prize, to be the only Algerian among the nominated names.

As for the men’s category, there are two representatives from Algeria, Moh Milano, and Soolking.